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Speaking Programs


Most Popular Types of Events Include:  


  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • High School Assemblies
  • Middle School Assemblies
  • Teen Summit Programs
  • Sporting Events
  • Teacher-Staff Clusters


Teenage depression can significantly impact a students performance in and outside the classroom affecting their ability to learn and grow. It's a monster that can affect us all regardless of our social status. So what is the solution? 

Que's approach on the topic is different than most. Que tells his story of how he fell into the hands of depression after the disappearance of his mother. Nobody knew what he was going through at the time because he was able to mask his depression with a smile. 

Just as he began to get a handle on things with the aid of his passion for football, Que suffered a life altering injury that left him in wheelchair. Although he never walked again physically, he regain his ability to walk mentally through depression. 

  1. How to recognize signs of depression and anxiety. 
  2. What to do when you or someone else is battling with depression. 
  3. Spot signs of suicide and what to do. 


There are moments in our lives when faced with struggles and setbacks that we may forget the reasons we chose to walk a certain path. Teachers are no different from the rest of us especially when they encounter a rotten child and sometimes need a reminder on why they chose to teach in the first place. Que's story is a prime example of that very reason. He may not know nothing about teaching, but He know a lot about building trust and long lasting relationships with these students from experience as a Mentor and Academic Life Coach. Remember, you didn't choose this path to get paid. You chose this path to make a difference! 

This Seminar provides 3 approaches that can be highly effective as an educator in reaching various types of students. 

  1. Become a more effective leader for your students. 
  2. How to gain the trust of your students. 

  3. Simple and Effective ways to let them know you care. 




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Don't React To Change, Take Control Over It.





Arquevious "Que" Crane also known as CoachQ, has had his fair share of Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson moments throughout most of his childhood. If you haven't already guessed which one he is then let me help you out by saying if he wasn't a vegetarian he may have gone for the ear. Raised in an unstable household and constantly struck with challenges in life that nearly defeated him mentally. He doubted his abilities and feared any opportunities that required him to step outside the barriers of his comfort. Que felt as if his life bore no meaning nor worth and his actions reflected those cancerous thoughts. 

Fortunately for Que, he was later blessed with individuals who found a way of building a connection with him and through their wisdom, Que discovered his why and with that found his way to "Football." Unfortunately life had different plans for Que and on September 20, 2007 Que played his last football game as he was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics. Que woke up to the news that not only will he no longer play football again but he'd also be bound to a wheelchair. 

Yet again Que found himself in a position consumed with doubt and low self worth. However, this time that feeling would not last long because he has discovered a hidden ability to adapt to change. Through the love from his family, friends, and the entire community Que found his way again. Not only did he go back to school and achieve the impossible by completing the 11th and 12th grade at the same time while managing physical therapy but in doing so he became the first male in his family to do so breaking the prison cycle. He also went on to graduate college showing his younger siblings a different route that they followed. 

Que believes that all it takes is shifting your perspective and in doing so you can find a way out of any setback you may confront. Through his book "FRESH," Que shows students how to do just that. 

Since 2013 Que as dedicated his life to assisting others seize their victory while living a life of significance through his coaching program "The Extra Yard" or through his presentation on Leadership and Mindset. 

Que has an amazing sense of humor with a special ability of finding light on the far side of the moon and his presentations embody his struggle told with humor. Be prepared to laugh and cry at the same time while feeling as if you can conquer the world with your new found power. 

Que feels as if speaking and inspiring people is a real way to take his experiences and the challenges he faced in life and share them with the world; letting them know it doesn't matter if you were homeless, it doesn't matter if you don't have your parents in your life, it doesn't matter if you weren't the smartest in class or went through a traumatic experience that in the end that left you bound to a wheelchair. None of that matters, because you're still capable of happiness and achieving that success you always wanted or planned for. Everything Que does in life is to create and inspire in some way. 

Wish in a Jar
By Arquevious Crane