Do you remember what you dreamed of becoming when you were a kid? Maybe you wanted to be an acrobat or a gymnast; or something way left field like a traveling entomologist (that’s a bug scientist). More often than not, children are told their wildest dreams are silly or far fetched. If they hear those words enough they’ll start to believe it. Is that you?

Have you swept your big dreams under the rug because small minded people didn’t “get it”? 

Truth is, we all come here with a purpose, and that purpose has a huge award hiding inside of it. Usually our purpose seems bigger than we think we’ll ever be, and it comes with all sorts of challenges to test our will. It can be scary to imagine what life will be like when you break away from the pack and pursue major success. And I’m not talking Sam Bowie success, I’m talking Michael Jordan success. That kind of success never comes from trying to do what the crowd is doing.

Who am I referring to when I say “the crowd?” I mean the people who are doing the average, talking average and dreaming average dreams. I’m talking about the folks who are choosing an 9 to 5, color-inside-the-lines kind of life, free from any of the discomfort of taking risks. They’ve gotten comfortable. The thing about that is, it’s also free from the rewards and pleasures a passion filled life and achieving massive success. 

Are you living a comfortable life? Are you shying away from the challenge of making your dreams a reality and leaving the real award on the table? Are you settling for the chump change of getting a $2 raise or giving half-ass effort when you know you’re capable of more? If you’re going to get the gold, you gotta go hard or go home. Don’t shortchange yourself with the false promises of a comfortable life. Stretch yourself all the way out. Reach for the farthest star you can see. Don’t just shoot the ball, dunk it over the head of your average regular life and obtain your real award! You’ll thank me for it later.