Growing up one of my biggest issues was that I often spent most of my time asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission. The issue was not my impulse to be spontaneous but rather concerning myself with the thought that I had a problem. I always had this urge to act before thinking. I must admit that it got me into a lot of trouble but in the end it was worth it. I enjoy seizing the moment and believe we all should do that more often than less. 

First of all before I go any further allow to define what I mean by the phrase "seizing the moment." In my opinion the phrase means that we should spend less time concerned about the past or the future and make the most of now. Unfortunately there is always something blocking us from doing just that. 

What prevents you from seizing the moment? 

A question that shouldn't take long to come up with the correct answer. "YOU" is what prevents you from seizing the moment and living in the now. Why is that? Because most of us before taking action would usually think and think until we subconsciously talk ourselves out of making a move. All because of the possible 2 negative outcomes versus the 88 possible positive outcomes. Funny thing about the mind is that it plays tricks on us all and the scary part about it is that we would never expect that our own mind could be used against us. IT CAN!

Then their are those would argue that naturally us as humans identify ourselves with the long term view versus the present because the thought makes us more happy. In my opinion that theory is flawed. Every time I found myself thinking of a future where I was back on my feet walking again, I ended up locked away in my bedroom depressed because I was not where I planned on being and felt as though I should be there by now. Constantly thinking of the future I became less patient in waiting for it. So given my life experiences, I've came to the conclusion that the future is uncontrollable. We can think and plan out every detail for our entire lives but who's to say that'll happen exactly as we planned. There will definitely be dips and turns in that plan I guarantee it. So why not enjoy the moment. 

Now I'm not saying for one second that we shouldn't pursue our dreams or that whatever we plan for it cannot be achieved. No I truly believe that anything is possible with the right mentality and strong work ethic. All I'm saying is that we should enjoy the process and put less energy into constantly thinking of the end goal because if we are not where planned on being at the time we planned on being there, we become less happy, and less inspired to continue moving forward. But that will not happen if we place I ourselves in the here and now. 

Why should we seize the moment?

When seizing the moment you are focused on the present. You invite into your life new opportunities and find yourself embarking upon new adventures. No longer sticking to the same old patterns of thoughts and same old actions because you find yourself doing something you wouldn't normally do. Now you are stepping outside your comfort zone which is allowing you to unlock your true potential and hidden capabilities that you never knew existed. So seize the moment because it's worth it. Remember all we have is now so why not take full advantage of it.