Spiritual Vampires


Have you ever been around a person who can find the storm in every rainbow? I mean they know the worst about everything and everybody. This person is mostly known for gossip and man, do they love some drama.

I’m talking about spiritual vampires. 

A vampire is unable to create it’s own energy so it must feed off the energy of others. A vampire will make you feel drained and unhappy when you are in their presence. It’s best to limit your time around them.

Spiritual vampirism can also be a byproduct of doing unproductive or unfulfilling work. Jobs where we feel under-appreciated by coworkers, where there is a lack of mental challenge, and creative expression can all be factors that cause yourjob to be the spiritual drain in your life. 

Be mindful of your own energy. Managing it according to your needs is essential to your health and success.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you to get where you’re going. Be in the company of those who create their own great energy and are able to increase your energy in their presence. 

Have you ever been around a person who can find a rainbow in every storm? Find those people!  Become one of those people so that you attract more of those people, and make it a point to be around them often.