Dear Everyday Hero's,

First of all, let me start off by apologizing to all the teachers and administrators I gave a hard time inside those school buildings. I did not realize until after graduating high school that it was your dedication to my learning that made me who I am today.

As a student coming up in the classroom I never paid attention to how difficult it is to do what teachers do on an everyday basis. The time and effort that goes into a lifelong path of working with students. I always assumed that teachers only job was to give me homework and make my life a living hell.

But I was wrong, especially after finding out the yearly salary of a teacher. I guess Ms. Johnson was right when she said "I don't get paid enough for this mess," which is all I heard throughout the entire year.

I know it's not easy at times especially when dealing with the students that make it difficult for you to look forward to class because you just don't have the energy anymore. Then that lack of energy pushes out little effort and you may get comfortable for a while because you forgot why decided to become a teacher in the first place. It was so that you could influence the country's future.

After suffering a spinal cord injury from a high school football game my whole outlook on life and what I expected changed. The model I once had for success was destroyed and now I'm lost. One thing for certain we know how that feels at some point in our lives. Luckily once I returned to the classroom I had teachers and mentors to guide me to the point where I could create another model. They became more than ordinary people standing in front of the classroom or someone I just pass in the hallway. Now I’m giving back by inspiring millions due to my knowledge and experiences dealing with handling change, adversity, and temporary comfort. While also informing students that these teachers and administrators are not the villains we assume but are here to help us.

I am a reminder that if you continue to build the gap in that relationship to the point where it's no longer just on student and teacher bases but a real relationship that extends in and outside that classroom. That you could then uncover the hidden treasures in those students. Everyone looks at a great teacher and want to become a better student. I know because I became a better student. Without great teachers I don't know if I would have many of the opportunities that where presented to me. That being said whenever a student pushes you to the point where start to get comfortable push back because it's worth it. From the bottom of my heart thank you.


Your biggest fan, Arquevious "Que" Crane