Self Maintenance 

Have you ever heard that being selfish is a bad thing? I have. I was raised to believe that you always put others ahead of yourself. 

It’s a noble lesson that I’m absolutely sure comes from a good place. Look at the people who usually teach that lesson and you’ll start to notice some patterns.

  1. They’re typically mothers. The most under appreciated, selfLESS women in the world.
  2. They’re usually worn out, stressed out, and getting close to burn out.
  3. Most likely they have abandoned their dreams in pursuit of others’ happiness

Everyone knows a person who fits one or all of those criteria. For me, it’s my grandmother. Now make no mistake about it, my grandmother is my rock. She is an amazing woman who dropped everything to raise me and my siblings when our mother disappeared. I appreciate her so much and I work tirelessly to make sure that she can relax now.

“A mother’s work is never done”, is what they say. So even though I’m grinding so she can rest, my grandmother is still caring for her adult children. They are fully capable of caring for themselves but her selflessness won’t allow her to cut the cord and send them out to fend for themselves.

It’s inevitable that the level of care she gives, coupled with the level of disrespect, neglect, and indignant attitudes from them will lead to her feeling even more stressed, overworked, and even depressed.

This is why it’s good to be selfish; because you can’t pour from an empty cup. You must make time to fill yourself up before trying to fill anyone else. Caring for yourself is critical if you want to be around to care for others. 

Being a giving, nurturing person is a great thing. When our cup is full, it’s even more filling to pour into others. However, when our cup is empty, no matter how much we pour it’ll never be enough.

Set boundaries in your giving to ensure you always have enough for you. Your wellbeing is your priority above all else. Take care of that first and everything else will get in order.

Be unapologetically selfish about your health and wellness.