(3 Productivity Hacks for Slackers)

What are you willing to sacrifice to make your dreams reality?

Are you willing to let go of the hours you spend gaming or watching TV? Are you ready to scale all the way back on your social media scrolling? 

Most peoplefail because they don’t recognize the time wasters in their lives.

They think, “a little lounging here, a little partying there – but I’m good”. It’s the rare few that realize the value of time and how managing it properly moves you closer to your dream everyday.

Maybe you see a little bit of you here. That’s OK. It’s the top of the year and getting your game plan in line now set the tone for real achievement.

The one thing I’d recommend before you do anything else – ELIMINATE TIME WASTERS.

It’s easy to get distracted when you have a half-done to-do list.

I’m telling you now – don’t.

When you’re tempted to blow your time on meaningless stuff, ask yourself – “Is this moving me closer to my goal?”

If not, redirect your energy to something more meaningful, productive, and profitable.

Another productivity hack – LIMIT YOUR DAILY TASKS.

Schedule 3-5 “must-do” tasks each day to avoid overwhelm (which is a leading cause of procrastination, btw.)

Give yourself time to complete tasks by blocking off time to fully focus on each one.

The last hack I wanna share is kind of strange but it works! – EAT THE FROG!

Look at it this way – if the worst thing you had to do for an entire day was eat a frog you’d wanna eat it first to get it over with, right?

Approach your work that way and you’ll get way more done.

What’s your least favorite item on your to-do list? Maybe it’s responding to emails or following up with fresh leads – do that first, it’ll make everything else you need to get done a breeze.