New Year, Better Plan

It’s officially 2017. The dust has settled, the fireworks have stopped, and most of us have recovered from the champagne-filled nights that mark the beginning of every year. If I know something about you it’s that you’re a go getter and you’ve probably already started carving out your next level goals for 2017. 99% of people are doing the very same thing right now. It’s that time of year and fresh ambition is in the air.

Would you be surprised to learn that over 80% of people who are setting goals right now will give up on them by February?!

That’s a sad statistic, especially considering that we’re all so pumped to get things done right now.

The truth is, most of us get comfortable and lazy. It’s still the middle of winter and while the calendar says New Year, our bodies – and nature – are still in a rest-like stage.

I want you to accomplish your goals this year. I want you to be the guy (or girl) who can look back at 2017 and celebrate – rather than beat yourself up for all the things you didn’t do.

You deserve to see your dreams come alive, and you deserve to give yourself the best version of you this year.

Here are a few tips to keep you focused and motivated to get what’s yours in 2017.

How to Craft a Better Year Starting NOW!

Write it down

Grab a real pen and paper – I know, I know, trust me, you don’t want to use your phone for this. Take some time and write your goals out. A brain dump can help you get more clear on what it is you really want. 

Try to trim the fat here. Pinpoint 3-5 major goals for the year. Filling your plate too early is a fast track to overwhelm.

Create a Plan

Now that you’ve written out your goals, create an action plan for how you will achieve each one. Creating a Mind Map is a great way to make your plans actionable and clear while also encouraging more creativity. Here’s a great article on How to Make a Mind Map -

Use Images

Research-based studies suggest that the brain remembers visual imagery better than written word. Another reason to tap into the potential of Mind Mapping (see above). 

A great way to use images is to energize your written goal of “lose 20 lbs.” with an image of your face on the body of your dreams. Keep it where you’ll see it often.

What works great for me is keeping my vision board next to the TV so that I’m reminded of where my focus should be when I’m tempted to binge on episodes of my latest faves.

Partner Up

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”. That’s an old African proverb and it will always ring true. Teamwork makes things work for the long-term. Curating a team that will hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and help you mastermind those brilliant ideas is essential to your success, my friend.

Never Give Up

Let me give you a tip – be willing to be mediocre at something at least 5 times before you get it right. And I’m really being nice. You might outright fail a few of those times, even when you’re trying your hardest.

Most people give up when they fail, out of embarrassment. Others get impatient with the process and go back to what’s comfortable.

Be the one who sticks it out all the way to the finish line.

I can promise you – because it’s natural law, not because I’m some psychic – that if you keep at it and don’t get comfortable now, your life will be much more fulfilled in due time.