Do You Have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset?

Listen guys, I understand how easy it is to get trapped in those thoughts of feeling as if life is worthless so why bother trying. Especially when every time you do attempt somehow life finds a way to knock you back further than where you started. I've found myself trapped in that prison more than once and it wasn't until I realized my purpose that I was able to escape. I want you guys to understand that regardless of what you're going through at the moment, you too have a purpose. Even though you may not see it just yet, but once you change your view you will. The Right Mindset Is Key! 

How you think about a situation is very important because them thoughts then reflect how you act, which is why a positive mindset is crucial to help fuel us to keep going. Especially when times are hard and things may not seem to be working like they should, it is good to use it to help pick yourself up and trust that better times lie ahead. This here is called growth mindset. 

The term was coined after it was realized that certain individuals in life would accept their current situation and then develop a plan to improve it, and hence lived a better life later on while being patient with the process. Another set of individuals will have a fixed mindset, and therefore they see that the current situation is where they fit best and so they decide to live there in that bitterness forever. Here are the positive values that you develop when you have a positive mindset, and therefore the reason why you should focus on developing it so you too don't get stuck in a self made prison. 

 Growth Mindset Allows You to Enjoy Life

You don’t have to be where you are and should aim to be in a state of joy and happiness. The growth mindset allows you to focus on the positive values inside of you, which can assist in taking you to where you want to be. Therefore, you stop worrying about the things you don’t have, can't control, and focus on the things that you should be doing instead. 

Therefore, as you do what you ought to be doing, you are enjoying life already since you know your efforts will take you there. On the contrary, a fixed mindset makes you lament because you are in a bad situation. You don’t have plans to change, and therefore you live in your sorrows and don’t enjoy life. Develop a growth mindset today and start living the life you should be living. 


Growth Mindset Increases Your Self Esteem and Self Insight

Your self-esteem is what defines your ability to change a situation. A high self-esteem makes a person see himself as a potential person rather than a failure. You are focused on getting to the goals because you believe in yourself and therefore higher your chances of succeeding. On the contrary, a negative mindset locks you in a state of self-dislike, and you feel you are a natural loser rather than a potential winner. This is a mindset that makes you see others as superior to you, and therefore you have no belief in the potential you have. Everything you do does not work out because you have described yourself as a loser. Students should focus on believing in themselves and get out of this state of negativity.


It Allows You to Improve Relationships

When you have a high self-esteem, and you are enjoying your life, you are in a better situation to understand all that life is about and therefore you will relate well to other people in the community. You encourage your peers, and you also make them realize their net worth as well.

In school and in general life, it is good to have a positive mindset that leads you towards growth so as we strive to be the kind of people we should to be. Do you have that kind of mindset?