The Power of Self Esteem (Part 1)

I was headed out with the family last week when a sleek, midnight black Mercedes Benz E550 slowly pulled up to our house. It was clean – super clean – and man, it was a dream! I was impressed, but not surprised, to see my younger brother exit the driver’s side. He’d been showing me pictures of this very car for about a year. Not only showing the pictures but sharing his plan and what he was willing to sacrifice to have it.

I’ll be honest, if he’d pulled up in my dream car 9 years ago, I would’ve been jealous. Probably steaming mad, but today, I’m as happy as if it were my own car.

The difference is a growth in my own self-esteem. 

As children, we were always at odds. We’d fight for my mothers’ attention, and because he had a reputation as the “good” kid, I went extra hard as the rebellious one. It was my way of getting attention. My brother was blessed to have both parents – our mom and his dad. I always felt like my mom was all I had, so having to vie for her attention had a serious affect on my self esteem.

Not having my father to encourage and affirm me made it difficult for my immature mind to process the tension between me and my brother. 

Low self-esteem is a seed that is planted in childhood and grows over the course of a lifetime. If you had told me 9 years ago that my issue was low self-esteem I would’ve denied it. I figured I was rightfully angry. Over the years I’ve learned how to identify my issues and use them as leverage for growth. Not only did I identify the problem, I learned to pinpoint what was the trigger to my feelings of self doubt, anger and lack of confidence.

I challenge you to take a look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. We all have times when our self-esteem is not where it should be and that can cause us to stand still in a pool of anger, jealousy, and self pity. 

Write down the things that trigger those feelings within you. 

Recognizing our issues and identifying the roots of those issues is the first step toward elevating our self-esteem and improving our lives.