Are you waiting to be happy?

Everybody thinks they’ll be happy when they make it. They assume that material success is the only path to happiness and their not satisfied with their lives if they can’t “do this” or “buy that”.

Many factors lead to this kind of thinking. We’re over exposed to reckless consumerism through the television we watch and the music we listen to. But have you ever stopped to think about whether you could ever be happy without those things?

Is there a possibility that you could reach for your true happiness right now and let those things be the icing on the cake?

One thing we often neglect to factor is that the future is not a guarantee. Placing your happiness in the hands of the future is a dangerous habit to create. It almost always guarantees that you’ll never fully appreciate the life you’ve already been given. You’ll take your everyday gifts for granted and miss out on the real fulfillment you seek.

Make it a habit to be happy in the moment. Do that by being grateful. Stop and smell the roses sometimes. Sit and listen to an elder speak. Seek out wisdom to get you to the next step, and turn your ambition down for a moment. 

When you do this you step into your purpose for the very moment you’re in and open yourself up to wisdom and guidance you probably would’ve missed racing to get to your happiness “over there”.

Don’t get comfortable chasing the carrot. Stop, look around you, and find some fertile soil to grow your own patch of carrots to enjoy.