Comfort isn’t a safety net (Silence)

You are a product of your environment until your environment becomes a product of you. (Quote me)

Almost everything you know – the mask you wear, the lies you tell, the beliefs you hold onto so dearly – is a product of knowledge that was passed down to you before you were even born. Most of us never question this inherited knowledge because we feel “that’s just the way it is”.

In our society, it’s easy to believe all the negative messaging we get from our environments – including our entertainment environment. The media portrays the idea that if you’re not mega-rich, famous, or making “boss” moves you’re not worthy. 

We then get these messages reinforced by our friends, family, and peers - and finally, our own minds. Eventually, the voice of your environment becomes the loudest voice in your head.

Once this happens, it can be difficult for you to take action because you can’t imagine your life outside of the box of your beliefs. 

The best way to avoid this is to monitor your intake. You don’t always have control over your direct environment but you have full control and responsibility over the types of media you ingest. You can make the decision to filter out messages that don’t motivate you to reach for your highest potential and your biggest dreams.

Don’t get comfortable inside the box of your environment. Break the mold. There are way too many people in that space playing small.

Make your way out of that hole so you can return and make your environment a product of you.