Life is not like a movie

They say that life is like a movie, but it’s really not.

We spend a lot of time wondering what people will think if we show them who we really are. SO instead of living everyday as our true selves we put on an act. 

Have you ever had a great idea and shared it with someone who just didn’t get it? Sometimes that happens and you lose your enthusiasm for making that dream a reality. You sulk back into “normalcy” and pretend like you’re not great. 

When you see your greatness making others uncomfortable it’s important to remember that you’re here to shake people awake. That’s pretty hard to do if you pretend to be sleep right with them.

Life is not a movie, this isn’t dress rehearsal. Even if your life were a movie, you’d be the writer. Not someone else sitting on the sidelines calling unnecessary fouls. 

Give yourself permission to take the mask off, for their sake and yours. Place the measure of your self-esteem on your own balance, not someone else’s. Don’t get comfortablehaving people in the director’s seat of your life who’ve never lived your story.