Don’t be scared, be specific

Simply put, vague requests render vague results. 

Have you gotten very specific about what it is you want? Not only what you want but how you’ll get it?

Too often we have this grand idea of the lifestyle and things we want to achieve or acquire in our heads. We think that if we hold that “positive image” or clear vision of the outcome in our minds then we will get there. 

What we don’t imagine is the work.

 The most important part of your story for you to constantly visualize is the road getting to your desired outcome. I know the Law of Attraction gurus out there will tell you that keeping your eye on the prize will get you there, but life’s a game and if you don’t have a carefully crafted plan to win you’ll be stuck dreaming about a trophy.

The Falcons didn’t win the Super Bowl this year. As hard as they worked to get there you can’t tell me that every one of those players didn’t visualize that diamond-encrusted ring on their finger, touching that big Lombardi, and flying home to cheering fans and families. Especially once the 3rd quarter was within reach with such a wide lead.

See, with all that collective visualizing, there still wasn't a clear and specific collective plan, so the win wasn’t inevitable.

Keep your end goal at the front of your mind. I’d never tell you to forget about the trophy. And while you’re dreaming about that sweet victory make sure you factor in the sweat required to get there.