Change and Why We Fear It and How to Use It to Our Advantage

Change comes in various forms and is something we encounter in our daily lives. But whenever we think of it we automatically freak out. However, it is an issue that manifests imperceptibly in our lives. It occurs in many situations whether you have a new teacher, moving to a new environment, moving on to the next grade level, or in a relationship. In all these circumstances you have to change even if it is wrong or right. 

What is Change?

Change is an adjustment to our environment, state or physical and mental conditions which results in situations that contest our present standards. What it means is that we are incline to define how our world is supposed to work. 

Why People Fear Change? 

Control Loss

Change obstructs our sovereignty and can make us feel like we have lost all control over our comfort zone. When we are faced with possible change our autonomy is usually the first thing to go. If you are a teacher and students are affected by change then give them the opportunity to make decisions. Allowing them in on the planning strategy gives them ownership, which also gives students a chance to develop a sense of responsibility.

Fear of Uncertainty 

Being afraid of the unknown is one of the main reasons why we don't love change. The mind fears what is uncertain as it considers what it already knows as safe. When we hear of change, our thoughts are instantly full of imagination and reasons to worry about what is unclear.  When you are sure of what you are going to face through this process, it makes things easier. Always stay positive and think of the benefits of the change. Trust me there are some.

Require Time and Effort

People are afraid of change since it takes time and a lot of effort to adjust to. It is a step by step process that requires dedication and determination. There are so many inevitable and unexpected glitches in the journey to change. The method may look difficult and cause you to give up before attaining your goal.  Always acknowledge the effort and time of anyone who is experiencing change. 

How to Use Change to Our Advantage

Dealing with change is not difficult. It is merely changing your brain functionality. It will help you to use it to your advantage. If you make your brain understand and know new information it may accept change in a variety of ways. Understand that different is something you can benefit and survive from.

Focus on Being Positive

Change is not avoidable, but it is essential to focus on the opportunities it offers. Concentrate on attractive opportunities in life and move towards your dreams. Look at conversion in the context of your broad vision for growth. Always take success notes as you move forward on this journey. It will help you to feel excited and proud of your achievements along the way. By taking tiny steps with each accomplishment, you will start to make a key vital change in life. 

Bottom Line –Take Risks 

People are used to upholding their social class instead of changing it. Taking risks will help you to become what you have always wanted in life. Step into the unknown.