Comfort Zone Will Never Serve You in the Long Run

You may think that your comfort zone is the ideal place to be. But if you take a better look, you will realize that this is what has been keeping you down. Your comfort zone is not the desirable status, rather than an obstacle that is getting in the way between you and your dreams. 

Don’t you love it when you dream? Everyone wants to dream sometimes since it is what motivates us to go on. Dreaming of a career boost or about meeting the perfect guy for you, dreaming of fitting in those skinny jeans or buying a house by the sea, these are all amazing thoughts that keep us moving forward and trying harder. 

How Will Your Comfort Zone Ruin Your Dreams?

Dreaming is all about accomplishing something new, something that you do not already have. If you settle for your comfort zone, then you will most likely never aim at something you do not have. You will make do with what you have already accomplished. So this will, in turn, keep your dreams idle and eventually you will stop dreaming altogether. 

When you want to accomplish a goal that you have been dreaming about, you automatically take risks. In this way, you know that what you are doing pays off. Without taking any chances, you cannot expect to be rewarded. Your comfort zone prevents you from feeling distressed. At the same time, it also prevents you from experiencing glory. 

Every single time you dare, there is high likelihood that you are going to regret it. But if you do not dare, you will surely regret it! So, in reality, your comfort zone is an obstacle that does not allow you to test your own strength. It does not let you show that you are fearless and that you can take risks, in order to claim what is yours. 

Finally, it is worth taking the time and talking about success. What does it take for you to be successful? Is it all about results? The truth is that sometimes the journey is more valuable than the destination itself. Unless you set out on that journey, you cannot know what it is all about. Your comfort zone motivates you to sit tight and reap the benefits of what you have already earned and achieved. However, this only limits your potentials and does not allow you to thrive. 

Should I Dream or Should I Sit Comfortably? 

From everything that has been stated above, it goes without even saying that you need to dream and always challenge yourself. This challenge can be professional-wise or personal-wise, but it needs to be a challenge. Without it, you cannot expect to dream and see your dreams as they come alive. 

If you always relax and enjoy your comfort zone, you have already maxed out. You have already reached the peak of your life, and there is nowhere else but down. Is this what you want of your life? Hopefully not!