This article mainly focuses on the dos and don’ts of a teacher student relationship. The role of a teacher is not only to guide their students to comprehend their specialized subject but also to enhance their personality and develop their skills. A classroom is an extremely rigid space for such interaction but a teacher has to find ways to accommodate a system of learning that would benefit the student. Below given are some points that one can refer to. 


  • Interactive: The classrooms must encourage a two way communication. The old age process of a knowledgeable person passing down his words of wisdom and experience is outdated. The present generation is facing a constant competition which pushes them to a lot of pressure. Hence just book oriented knowledge on science, literature, philosophy etc is not what a teacher should focus on rather should work on the application.
  • Co curricular: It is a race. These days’ students cannot concentrate on a particular sphere and develop themselves isolated on it. They have to face the full competent world and survive multi tasking. It is important as a teacher to understand and mature all the innate abilities that a student has.
    The academic pressure at times has a tendency to overshadow a child’s ability to flourish in something that she or he is capable of. A teacher should not focus on their own subject but understand the child’s real interest and generate their energy towards it.
  • Stress and mental issues: Our country considers concern on mental health to be a luxurious affair. The mental setup and constant pressure breaks the capability of the children to perform stably. There are situations of nervous breakdowns and anxiety attacks which pushes the graph of performance quite low. It is the teacher’s role to ensure the importance of mental health and make them aware of their problems. Taking recommendations from experts can settle these issues down and focus on their results.
  • Positive thinking: Our thoughts constitute our nature. The teacher positive guidance will ensure the student to have hope in their own selves. While the stress and competition can suck away all possible positive energy in these young souls, the experienced ones should remind them to discard their negative thoughts to achieve their goal.
  • Motivate: Taking regular tests will improve students and their hold on their subject but arranging various motivational workshops will improve them as an individual, hence doubling success in life. It is important to remind oneself of all good things that person is capable of doing instead remind  and revise the faults.
  • Break the hierarchy: Being at a higher level from the student, a teacher is never considered to be a friend. It is essential for us to break this construct and come down to the same plane as the child to help him/her develop. By doing this, the inherent concept of fear can take a leap to admiration which lies more instrumental in altering a child’s life rather than controlling it.

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