One of the most beautiful relations in this world is the bond between teachers and students. Teaching profession is not about name and fame, rather it is derived from a true spirit to build a bright future for the nation. 

Whether we talk about school or college, education can achieve its aim only if teachers and students develop the good relationship between them. From past few years, quality of education is decaying just because most teachers are considering it just a source of earning and popularity. The teaching standards are decaying day by day as students are not able to feel engaged with whatever their teacher is trying to explain. 

The true fact is that this relation is truly dependent on trust. If students are not able to trust their teacher, they cannot follow their guidelines. When teachers and students have a gap in their relation, they start sharing a professional bond and it is well proven that education cannot achieve its goal in such scenario. It makes students listen to what the authority is saying but they are not able to follow the same due to lack of trust. 

The real target of a teacher is to attract students towards goals of humanity by spreading the divine knowledge. And to divert their minds towards this major goal, they need to develop the trust first. Working hard to improve test scores, focusing just to finish the syllabus is not the prime goal of a teacher; rather they need to focus on building trust among students. 

Remember the time when you were a little child; the most calming moments for you were when your mother is close to you. If anyone else from the neighborhood tries to play, you use to feel some insecurity. It was just because you have complete trust on your mother and you are ready to follow her in any case. You know that she will do everything good to you. Same happens between students and teachers. The educators have a responsibility to build a bright future for the student as well as a nation but if students do not feel secure to share their ideas with their teacher and they have lack of trust; you cannot make them follow you. Instead, classroom education will work like one-way traffic where teacher keep on saying and students just keep on listening without sharing their feedback about the topic. 

Teachers need to improve their abilities to make students feel connected to them. Not just by profession rather by heart with high trust factor. It can be done only if you as a teacher create a positive self-image in front of them. Every teacher needs to build a good character, you should appear like a role model to your students. They must be able to get positive vibrations when they are around you and must feel motivated towards their dreams. A teacher needs to be a motivator, a guide, a supporter and moreover a trustworthy companion to his students so that they can follow his guidelines in life.