Most students in school, college and universities are struggling with self-esteem issues. The demotivating environment of the institute and mentors never let them find opportunities to grow and build confidence. Instead, most of them believe that it is better to stay behind the curtain instead of being in front of it and getting scolded. 

The biggest reason for lost in confidence and increasing fear is the gap between teacher and student. A survey reveals that students these days are not able to develop trust in their teachers and experts believe that the only reason behind it is that most teachers have actually forgotten the real meaning of their profession. 

Teaching profession is not just about going to class, deliver a lecture and counting on test scores. You have a bigger responsibility on your shoulders. You have to build the future of an upcoming generation. It is your responsibility to develop a positive attitude and confidence in them. Even if they feel shy to try, you have to encourage them, motivate them to try it again. 

There is no doubt to say that every class has some bright students and few who need to improve more. But as a teacher, you are not allowed to discriminate among them. Being a teacher, your sole responsibility is to consider them all on the same platform and encourage them equally to perform better. If you praise them rarely but keep on highlighting their mistakes all the time in front of an audience, they are going to lose their confidence. Even if your students do some wrong, instead of saying it aloud and making fun of them; it is better to talk in private and give them a chance to improve. They will be able to understand it better because they will feel their self-esteem protected. 

Student-teacher relationship is a two-way street. The more you give, the more you get. It is not a restriction for students that they should always respect their teachers, but yes, teachers need to develop a personality that automatically gets respect from students. Before seeking respect for yourself, you have to protect their self-esteem and be respectful to them. These growing minds are more affected by feelings of demotivation, discrimination, and insecurities. Being a teacher, you have to build their confidence by motivating them that they can perform better. Never forget to appreciate when your student does something good; let them feel respected among their peers. But at the same time, balance your behavior towards all students, showing favoritism in class spoils the mind of students. Never let them feel ignored or uncared; as a teacher, they are all the same for you. It is your responsibility to protect their self-esteem and let them develop a sense of responsibility towards life. You have to teach them how to fight with fears and show them a way to overcome their insecurities. Never ever humiliate your students in front of their peers, but never forget to appreciate their good deeds in front of large audience.