Respect plays an essential role in the student-teacher relationship. It is not just about students giving respect to their teachers rather teachers also need to show respect towards their students. The modern age teachers are least concerned about this fact and probably this is the major reason behind why the quality of education is decaying day by day. 

In order to improve education standards in society, the very first thing we need to do is develop a healthy relationship between teachers and students. And the real foundation of this bond is respect and trust. Every student in the class has a different mindset and they have multiple learning styles. As a teacher, you cannot focus just on one of two members in the class. You need to deliver a content that is equally valuable to all. But in order to make your students listen to you and understand your teachings, the very first thing you need to do is respect your students. 

They may have many bad habits but somewhere behind all those annoying mistakes, they have a pure heart and some good attributes that are yet to be developed. It is the sole responsibility of teachers to nourish these abilities of their students and polish the hidden gem in them. You can achieve the real goal of education only when your students develop trust in you and it is possible only if you respect their emotions, their abilities, and their identity. Instead of highlighting their bad habits, try to spare more time to talk about what is good in them. Not necessarily related to your subject matter rather as a human being, you will find many good aspects in their behavior. 

Here are few most trusted tips to respect your students and make them respect you back with a healthy bond of relationship:

  • Listen to them. This is the most important thing you can do to your students. When they want to talk to you, stop doing whatever you are doing, make eye contact and show your concern to whatever they want to share with you. Make them feel that you are here to listen and understand their problems and let them feel their secrets are secure with you.
  • Address them with respect. Everyone on this planet expects some respect from others and your students need the same. Don’t raise your voice when you are talking to them, it makes them feel disconnected from you. Even when they have made some mistake, try to modulate your voice to a respectful tone and handle the situation politely. Address them the same as you address your colleagues; they will definitely admire you more. 
  • Be fair. Yes! Being a teacher, it must be your first most quality. Be fair with your students, never try to humiliate them or never try to show the power of your anger. Most of the things can be handled with love and politeness because these growing minds understand the softer language in a much better manner. Do not discriminate between students; be fair with your judgments and use  the same rules for all. 

Being a teacher, you have to show some care towards your students and boost interactions so that they can feel protected with you. When you respect your students, they will naturally show more respect for you.