You have been in this profession for the past several years. You have taught several classes in different schools. Still, the test scores of your subject are not much improved. Why? 

It is time to dive deeper into this topic. You have years of experience in the teaching field and have seen several types of students in your life. Most of them keep annoying you by doing crazy activities in class and probably it has become your routine to shout at them in every lecture. Question is do you think this is going to work? If we have a look at history, every class has only 3 to 5 sincere students and most others love to do fun all day long. But, in order to maintain decorum in class and to improve your test scores, shouting at them is the not right solution. Instead, being a teacher you have to develop a close relationship with them where they can automatically develop a habit to tune in with your teaching practices. 

Teachers are the creators; you have the power to create the future of the coming generation and nation as well. It’s your strategy and techniques that make them understand the broader aspect of life. If teachers just keep focusing on test scores, they will lose the ultimate goal of education. The true fact is that if you develop a healthy relationship with students, they are naturally going to develop more respect towards you. And it will become much easier for you as well to motivate them to work harder with their studies. 

As a teacher, you have to build up their personality, their thought process, and their lifestyle. If you fail to do that, how can you expect good results in test scores as well? It is more important to focus on overall development of students, and only then will they develop a sense of responsibility towards their studies as well. If you succeed to build their trust in your teachings, they will genuinely love to follow everything you say. 

The growing minds are creative enough. Your way to input valuable stuff into their brain is going to have a great impact on their life. If you always keep on forcing them to score well without knowing their interests and troubles to move forward; they will lose trust in you. Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world and the teacher-student relationship is the most valuable bond. If you are capable enough to make it stronger and nourish it with trust, your students will naturally develop more interest in your subject. When they find a supportive and understanding personality in their teacher, they feel more connected to the subject and are naturally able to score more on tests. 

In short, if you really want to become the best teacher in the building and wish to gain higher test scores for your subject; the best idea is to be close to the heart of your students. Make efforts to develop a positive and healthy mindset in them; soon you will be rewarded with great results.