Have you ever wondered how many times you could have taken a risk and instead you just sat there doing nothing? Well, how has this all worked for you? It is true that comfort zones are often addictive. When you get used to the same routine, you simply do not bother pursuing anything different. So, this means that you settle for way less than what you once anticipated to achieve. 

Is Your Comfort Zone Such a Great Thing?

Comfort zones are related to positive feelings by default. They offer us comfort, and therefore they are cherished by most. But in reality, are they so great? What do they actually provide to you? 

If you get to think about it, your comfort zone is a fancy way of settling for something that you already know. Instead of risking towards accomplishing a goal that you have set, you stop trying. You convince yourself that you are perfectly satisfied with everything that you have accomplished so far. And as a result, it would be hubris to ask for more. 

Assuming that you stop trying altogether, what do you think will happen next? Your life will be blunt and uniform. Every day will be similar to the previous ones, and there will be nothing to spice it up. Does this sound like something you should look forward to? On the other hand, change can be good. Change is what keeps you motivated and what brings hope for the future. 

What Happens When You Do Not Settle 

When you try for something really hard, you decide not to settle for your comfort zone. Instead of staying complacent with your achievements, you always search for that little extra. Of course, trying does not always come with success. But where is the sense in that? What is the meaning in risking, when you do not actually take risks? 

A tough decision is the exact opposite of comfort zones. If you want to excel, you need to start by making tough decisions. This shows strength in character and allows you to boost your confidence over time. In this way, you see comfort zones exactly for what they are. You see them as obstacles, which you ought to overcome for achieving greater things in the future. 

Dream Big, Aim High!

Everyone enjoys dreams. It is always amazing to be able to visualize your future in a different way. Be it an accomplishment in the professional sector, a change in your family, school, or your personal life, a dream can be catalytic for your future. 

If you want to stay loyal to your dreams, you should forget all about comfort zones. Although they offer temporary satisfaction and bliss, in reality, they hold you down. They prevent you from showing the world the person you really are. You do not need anything holding you down, do you? So stop settling for the comfort zones and aim at the top!